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Babysitter is a baby care game that was left for us, let's not let the babies cry.

Bathe the baby, change the diaper, put the baby to sleep, and keep the baby healthy.

Play the game! just really exciting

Unity 2020.1


Unity Ads

Unity 2020.1

Instruction :

1. Create New Project on Unity 2020.1 or latest

2. After open empty project add asset external and navigation to file you downloaded on link

3. Manage project setting and add Scene on asset

4. Enjoy Playing

Firebase Instruction

1. Read Document on official in console how to add GoogleServis.json in project unity

(Just add Game servis on game script will excecuse)

Admob Instruction

1. Read Document on official Admob how to manage appid on unity

2. For include your unit ad on scene AdManger GameObject edit unit ad in ispector

3. To make this step complete add text 'ADS' on scripting define symbols on project setting

Unity Ads Instruction

This game use meditation admob with unity ads you can manage on admob account

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Version Unity 2020.1.0f1
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